Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Upstairs Photos

So - We have been living in the house now for 8 months, and it occurred to me that we ought to record how things look now, before we do any work. So far we have just freshened up the paint and moved in.

In the kids rooms I put in new blinds, but in the other rooms we are living with what was there. 
We also put new carpets in all the bedrooms - which seemed extravagant, as it may not be for long, but we really couldn't live with what was there before, and it's made a huge different to comfort and warmth.

Hugo's Bedroom

Second Floor Landing

 Tabitha's Bedroom

..with Elkie's bed in it. They all beg to sleep in the same room all the time! We only really needed two bedrooms!

Elkie's Bedroom

With Rory's cot...!

 Our Bedroom

Bedroom 3 (Au Pair)

Bedroom 2 - Guest Bedroom

Photos Downstairs

Before Photos

Front Exterior

Ground Floor Photos

Entrance Hall

Sitting Room - Front facing
Garden Facing - Dining Room


First Floor

Bedroom 1 - Front Facing
Stairs to Second Floor

Bedroom 2 - Front Facing
Bedroom 3 - Rear Facing

 Second Floor Photos

Bedroom 5 - Loft (Elkie)
Bedroom 4 - Loft (Tabitha)
Second Floor Landing - Door to Loft space

External Rear View

View back to house from garden

Exterior Rear